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Weekly Runs: MR

January 26, 2010


Run #: 008

date: 30 jan 2010, saturday

time: 0900hrs

venue:  MacRitchie, car park

distance: up to 10km

so get out and run,



Weekly Runs: MR & ECP

January 18, 2010

East Coat Park

Run #: 007

date: 24 jan 2010, sunday

time: 0900hrs

venue:  east coast park, fort road carpark B2

distance: up to 15km

so get out and run,


Who is doing sundown? Put your name down.

January 17, 2010

Sundown May 29 2010

Got so many friends doing sundown this year. This is my first time doing this event.  I want to list the names down so this will become a pledge to motivate you to train or as a milestone in your running “career”. Come come add your names so we can look our for you and cheer for you. Leave me comment if you want your name to be added…Happy and safe training.


  • Shawn
  • Kok Siong is contemplating (TBA)
  • Andrew is also contemplating [Shawn’s colleagues]


  • Nil


  • Xiao Lu
  • Rui Han [Xiao Lu’s friend]
  • Ambrose [Shawn’s colleagues]
  • Kristin [Adelyn’s friend]


  • Adelyn
  • Suzie [Adelyn’s friend]

4 x 10km relay

  • Team Sony: Sydney, Hairul, Bing Han & Yoshioka [Shawn’s colleagues]

Buying Your Running Shoes

January 13, 2010

You may be aware that each pair of running shoe can last somewhere between 500-800km if used under the right conditions. This figures varies from shoes to shoes and types to types. In any case, when you are due to replace are you thinking on what running shoes i should buy next? Or are you having difficulties on what brands to buy and where to buy them from? Here i like to offer my practical approach in buying the right running shoes in Singapore.

Step 1: Determine your foot type

What Foot Types Are You?

There are countless renditions on how to decide your own foot types from looking at the wear and tear of your old running shoes, wet tests to the more scientific gait tests. So i will not put up post on the already well written topic. In essence, different foot types (i.e. arch types) requires varying level of support in the sole of you shoes to help keep a good running posture thus reducing the chances of injuries on your lower limbs. Google it and you should be able to understand how to do a simple wet test and verify your foot type.

Step 2: Types of running you intend to do

In the case of Singapore, we are offered mainly 2 types of conditions – Tarmac Road or Trail. To make this easy to understand, Road Shoes is to Trail Shoes can be viewes as Road Bikes is to Mountain Bikes, to a certain degree of truth. Of course you can choose to run a trail with a road shoes, it will still work. The compromises are less grip, dirt and mud sticking to the shoes and cushioning. To a good extend, trail shoes have its merits and are worth looking into if you intend to do frequent visits to MacRitchie, Bukit Timah, Gangsa, Chestnut and so on.

Step 3: Determine Brand & Designs

This is the most difficult part for most people. This is where you will decide which brand and its myriad of designs/colors best portray your personality. In Singapore we are quite fortunate to have most of the major brands plus a couple of niche running specific brands.

The well known brands : Asics, Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Saucony, Brooks, Mizuno

The less known brands : Newton, Kswiss, Under Armour, Pearl Izumi, Inov8, Northface, Salomon, Avia, END, Zoot

you may disagree with the way i categorise the above, it’s just purely my opinion. And the brands out there are endless which by no means inferior to those above, just that they may not have so much marketing, PR, endorsement or sponsorship budgets to increase their brand awareness.

Another advice is not to buy a particular brand or design because the color is nice or the brand is cool or this is the cheapest. Fit always comes first, so make sure you try both sides on with socks and tie the laces up like you would in a normal run. Walk around to feel that its snug yet comfortable, your toes have some space to wriggle and you don’t feel funny under arches of your foot.

Step 4: Determine where to buy your shoes

This is the simplest of all. Once you have done the necessary online researches, friend’s review or shopfront testing, you may like to know where is the best place to buy right?

Contrary to common public wisdom, direct brands/mass retail shops may have better prices than the heralded Queensway Shopping Center. (Well if you don’t know where this discounted sports brand mecca is, please go and ask around) What do i mean? Queensway retailers probably offer the most consistent marked down prices all year round. So they will offer usually 15-20% below your suggested retail prices on a normal day. However, when it comes to big holiday seasons like christmas or even warehouse clearance or credit card promotions from those big name retailers you can expect even lower price than Queensway, giving 20-50% discounts.

i hope you find the above useful while shopping for the perfect running shoes in Singapore. So get out and run.


Weekly Runs: East Coat Park (ECP)

January 11, 2010

East Coat Park

Run #: 006

date: 17 jan 2010, sunday

time: 0900hrs

venue:  east coast park, car park near macdonald’s

distance: 13km

so get out and run,


Weekly Runs: Macritchie-Tree Top Walk (loop)

January 11, 2010


Run #: 005

date: 16 jan 2010, sunday

time: 0900hrs

venue:  Macritchie carpark

distance: 8km

so get out and run,


Good Races Worth Considering in 2010

January 7, 2010

There are more and more runs happening in Singapore now given the rise in popularity. So many to choose from, so how can one decide? Let me give you my 2 cents worth for some of the races i think worth paying for.

  1. Run fo My Lunch – 31 Jan : run for a cause and feed the hungry.
  2. North East Run – 14 Mar : can choose a between 5k or 10k. good for those wanting to progress beyond 10K.
  3. Run Round Singapore – 27 Mar : history making runs for those whom like the challenge to ultrarun a whopping 218K in one stage.
  4. 2XU Compression Run – 11 Apr : i like this brand that introduces a normal 12k run.
  5. Adidas Sundown – 29 May : night running for varies distances from 10k to 84k ultra. One of the best organised in Singapore.
  6. Nortface Run – 9 Oct : trail running across singapore’s most hidden natural routes. Distance ranges from 25k to 100k. Great challenge i think.
  7. Newton 30K Challenge – 10 Oct : good for those wanting to progress from half marathon to full marathon. ifsign up with 2XU compression Run, you get free compression socks – worth it!
  8. Great Eastern Women 10K – 31 Oct : good fun distance and always a great run for all the ladies.
  9. Standchart Marathon – 5 Dec : my always must do marathon, great atmosphere and organisation.
  10. MR25 Cross Country Ultramarathon – 26 Dec : for those whom want more after standchart or nortface. Affordable and challenging.